"Dear Ron, my favorite dreams are with whales, it's a good thing right?"



Logical analysis:


Dreams involving whales symbolize many things to different people. Read the following interpretations for deeper meanings.


Swimming With Whales may suggest your ability to successfully deal with influential people and projects on a larger scale.


A Whale Circling You can imply a fear of mega proportions.


A Whale Leaping Over You possibly means a huge obstacle that you are about to conquer.


An Attacking Whale may signify immense struggles in your current life.



Psychic Interpretation:


Esoterically, Whales symbolize strong psychic ability and empathy. Whale dreams hold important significance to psychics who are mastering their craft.



Repeat This Quote After Waking From This Dream:


"There is no great feat or fear I can't conquer.

I can swim with the best of them.

My intuition gets stronger by the day."

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